Bush Chemists

The Bush Chemists (Dougie Wardrop & Chazbo) are part of the British "guardians of temple" dub and stepper generation, alongside people like Russ Disciples, Nick Manasseh, Iration Steppas or even Alpha & Omega…

Everything begins in 1989 with the label Conscious Sounds who will become one of the labels (if not, THE label) for dub & stepper in England. Dougie Wardrop became an unavoidable figure of UK dub music: musician, composer, producer, arranger, sound engineer, are the personal attributes in which characterize him.

The Bush Chemists sound system aim towards a both heavy and rapid dub. Their approach goes out of tune from the first moment they begin their concert performances. Utilizing King Tubby’s techniques, they also use traditional acoustic elements, high-tech sounds from a groovebox and other expanders.

Foreshadowing dub evolutions over the coming years, the Bush Chemists now rank among the most iconoclast dub composers. Today, the Bush Chemists are at the top of an unsteady and variable dub, weaving a bridge between various schools of contemporary dub.

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