Channel One

Channel One is part of the world’s most respected “sound systems roots & culture”. It is, with Jah Shaka and Aba Shanti I, one of the oldest sound systems of the British school.

Mikey Dreadstarted with King Edwards’ sound system in 1973, but Channel One (sound system) was born as such only in 1979 on stage in London. He became an unavoidable figure of the Notting Hill Carnival. With Mc Ras Kaleb they developed an experienced sound, appreciated for the cleverness of the selections and the positive vibes released by the duo.

At a DJ set or by moving their own sound system, the legendary duo travel the world where they spread an universal message of love, peace and unity delivering a power range of 20 kW to the great delight of thousands of spectators.

Channel One’s mission is to break down the barriers via reggae music. They succeeded in playing in new venues, new festivals and different countries, bringing their unique sound to Australia, New-Zealand, Israel, Turkey and to the whole of Europe. They celebrated in 2019 their 40th career anniversary with the "40th anniversary tour"!

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