For over 10 years, this collective from Bourges shakes the «Dub» scene made in France.

Artisanal sono, label and emeritus producer, we keep talking about them in the European scene as a reference. They conquer DUB parties and festivals. In Dj’s set or with its sound system, Dawa Hifi makes big noise in a stepper way, not long ago in France at the Dub Echo session with new sound system !

Ben et Val produce a modern electronic dub with a strong identity, rooted in a 90’s England and original Jamaican mixing technics.

Always looking for more inovations to perfect their sound entirely handmade, the crew arrives with a new SUB section that provides depth sound quality, and balance without equal ! Val and Ben animate with their sound system the most anticipated dances !

After hours of reflection and work around the design, plans and boxes's construction, DAWA HIFI is back stronger than ever to animate the biggest parties, ready to rock worldwide massive !

"Back On Track", their last album, has to be seen on live ! 15 instrumental tracks in a darker atmosphere ranging from digital reggae, classic stepper to more experimental dub.

After having crisscrossed France and Europe, and shared the dance with many artists, DAWA HIFI takes the road again in 2020 with its sound system or Dj Setting in pure exclusive sessions!

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