Horace Andy

Everything begins in Jamaica in 1951, not too far from Kingston. Horace Hinds, Justin Hinds’ cousin (a ska star with his Dominoes), doesn’t have much to expect from life except that the Music Fairy watches over him. Instead of a fairy, Coxsone Dodd from Studio One will be the one who will launch his career and rename him Horace Andy (in tribute to Bob Andy from The Paragons). And it was then at that time that he released his first album « Skylarking ». Step by step he imposed his very particular tone, soft and sad, committed and nonchalant. He left Studio One in the seventies and then went on to work with prestigious artists such as Derrick Harriot, Phil Pratt, etc.
Later on, he meets Massive Attack that will bring him to the spotlight and the general public finally discover his vocal harmonies and his singing skills.
His work achieves a very high standard for many years and the artist establishes himself as one of the famous Jamaican voices known for its power and for its style. In November 2017, Horace Andy launches a reedit of « Good Vibes » on which we again find a selection of songs recorded between 1975 and 1980! In 2019 he participated to the Inna De Yard's album and project, especially on "Skylarking" and "Ain't No Sunshine" tracks.

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