Since his first album release in 2005 and the already cult "Don't stop dub", KANKA brings a breath of fresh air into the dub planet. Each of its production is acclaimed by the specialized press and his tracks are played by well-known DJ (Iration Steppas, Obf, Blackboard jungle). His percussive and ultra efficient style with deep and hypnotic bass has gained many fans. With more than 100 concerts under his belt, KANKA is now considered as a spearhead of the European dub “steppa” stage and his live performances are unanimous.

If KANKA's music draws its influences from original Jamaican and English reggae dub, the conscientious production and the sustained rhythm enable him to win the hearts of electro and reggae audiences and to take his music to a powerful trance.

Kanka released « Cool It » in 2016. This opus sends us back to the origins of dubmaker where the efficient bass lines and the thundering drums match perfectly. Mainly composed of instrumentals which give free reins to one’s imagination, a few singers and musicians come to give rhythm to this seriously well-structured opus.

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1juin22 h 00 min- 23 h 30 minKANKACouleurs Urbaines | La Seine-sur-Mer (83)Couleurs Urbaines | La Seine-sur-Mer (83)
2juinToute la journéeKANKALuberon Music Festival | Apt (84) Luberon Music Festival | Apt (84)
8juinToute la journéeKANKAOutdoormix Festival | Embrun (05)Outdoormix Festival | Embrun (05)
21juinToute la journéeKANKAUrban Guinguette | Guéret (23) Urban Guinguette | Guéret (23)
29juinToute la journéeKANKALes arts osés | Thouars (79)Les arts osés | Thouars (79)


6juilletToute la journéeKANKAKol En Zik | Beine Nauroy (51)Kol En Zik | Beine Nauroy (51)
13juilletToute la journéeKANKADub Camp | Lac de Vioreau (44)Dub Camp| Lac de Vioreau (44)


2août22 h 00 min- 23 h 30 minKANKANomade Reggae Festival | Frangy (74)Nomade Reggae Festival | Frangy (74)
3août22 h 00 min- 23 h 30 minKANKAForeztival | Trelins (42) Foreztival | Trelins (42)
9aoûtToute la journéeKANKANo Logo Festival | Fraisans (39)No Logo Festival | Fraisans (39)



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