Marcus Gad and Tribe

Native from New Caledonia’s multicultural lands MARCUS GAD embodies a spiritual musical movement between meditative roots and soul music driven by a very singular singing technic near liturgy. His message is fed by a powerful musical trance and refined sound with no artifice inviting to travel and reflection. Cultural ambassador of from a lost island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where nature and tribal customs are still wonderfully preserved, MARCUS GAD remind us our first essence in this crisis times. More than music his art will invite you to leave an exotic sensorial experience;

Two years after his first album CHANTING that he presented on more than 100 shows around Europe, MARCUS GAD is back with a new 6 tracks EP (Baco Records) on a successful collaboration with Parisian beatmaker TAMAL who’s working with him since the beginning. ENTER A SPACE is well named: enter a universe full of textured organic and aquatic sounds.

Magic of this EP comes from the fusional featuring between MARCUS GAD and TAMAL who are creating a unique symbiose with music and lyrics inspired by the Indian philosophy of Advaita Vedenta. MARCUS GAD makes us think about reality of the human being and about incarnation. Are we just a body, just a spirit? Are we something deeper? A universe to discover on ENTER A SPACE from 2019 March 1st and on-stage during April.

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25octobreToute la journéeMARCUS GAD & TribeLe Molotov | Marseille (13)Le Molotov | Marseille (13)
26octobreToute la journéeMARCUS GAD & TribeRoot's Ergue Festival | Sauveterre de Rouergue (12)Root's Ergue Festival | Sauveterre de Rouergue (12)



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