Radikal Guru

Radikal Guru is a producer/DJ born in Poland and well-known for his reggae dubstep remixes and his sonorities influenced from King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry, or the Scientist. He grew in popularity after the release of a series of vinyl singles on « Dubbed Out records » (GB) in 2008. He started developing his skills in Poland by composing trip hop and jungle music in 2004. Fascinated by Asian Underground sounds in 2005, he released an album entitled "East-Ouest Connection" that gained critical success in the eyes of the Internet community.

Since 2009 he has traveled the world (United States, Mexico, Australia, New-Zealand, Europe…) and as a guest at the greatest events and stages in bass culture.

After his album « Subconscious » (November 2013), one that swings between dubstep and futurist reggae, the artist returned at the end of 2016 with the very good « Dub Mentalist ». There we meet well-known international artists such as Solo Banton, the Americain Jay Spaker or Echo Ranks.

The artist offers several formats for his shows, solo DJ, live dub with an MC and an optional copper section. In any case, it's a big atmosphere, like at the CROSS CLUB feat. Echo RANKS, cream of the UK freestylers !!

In 2019, his latest opus available at Moonshine Recordings announced his collaboration more than expected with the very talented singer Parly B !!

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