Systema Solar

Now considered one of the major Colombian bands, the collective Systema Solar, who used to play in European scenes, are now coming back to the continent for a new trip within Pico culture (Colombian sound system).

With “Systema Solar” in 2009, “La Revancha Del Burro” in 2014 and “Rumbo A Tierra” in 2016, they released these three albums themselves containing numerous hits.

The band recycles Caribbean, African, Amerindian and Hispanic sounds, folk music from Colombia, and merges all of these with the help of electronic instruments and contemporary rhythms such as breakbeat, house, techno. They stay afloat on the wave of “digital cumbia” also called “nueva cumbia”.

Or course, if the collective were attached to the music production, they are also devoted to their stage production. Which enables them to brighten up their live shows with a festive and danceable energy in a wild and colored universe!

The collective Systema Solar grace us with an European tour of club scenes, which has been anticipated for 3 years now!

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29juinToute la journéeSYSTEMA SOLARFestival Kampagn'arts | Saint-Paterne-Racan (37) Festival Kampagn'arts | Saint-Paterne-Racan (37)
30juinToute la journéeSYSTEMA SOLARFestival Garorock | Marmande (33) Festival Garorock | Marmande (33)


4juilletToute la journéeSYSTEMA SOLARPlages Glaz'Art | Paris (75)Plages Glaz'Art | Paris (75)
5juilletToute la journéeSYSTEMA SOLARAu Foin de la Rue | St Denis de Gastines (53)Au Foin de la Rue | St Denis de Gastines (53)
7juilletToute la journéeSYSTEMA SOLARFiestas de San Fermin | Pamplona (ES)Fiestas de San Fermin | Pamplona (ES)
11juilletToute la journéeSYSTEMA SOLARFestival d'été de Quebec | Quebec (CA)Festival d'été de Quebec | Quebec (CA)
13juilletToute la journéeSYTEMA SOLARHillside Festival | Guelph (CA) Hillside Festival | Guelph (CA)
14juilletToute la journéeSYSTEMA SOLARKultrun World Music Festival | Kitchener (CA)Kultrun World Music Festival | Kitchener (CA)