Twinkle Brothers

The Twinkle Brothers are one of those artists who have wrote the most beautiful pages in Jamaican reggae. As old as Jamaican independence (1962), this prolific band (with more than 60 albums so far) plays music on stages all over the world.

In 1970, they created their own label Twinkle Music and released their first album the following year. But they reached the top of the charts in 1975 with the album « Rasta Pon Top » and the tracks « Give Rasta Praise » or « Beat Them Jah Jah ».

Their career, which has lasted for over 50 years, propels them to the world’s greatest stages of reggae festival, from SunSplash to Poland. Since then, every passing year sees a new album released from the brothers Grant, the most well-known among others being « Praise Jah » in 1979, « Chant Rastafari » in 1989 et « The Youthful Warrior » in 2004.

Today a lot of tracks from The Twinkle Brothers are reggae classics and over the years the band have acquired an international recognition, with both albums and tours. The brothers Grant are today accompanied on stage with the English reggae “heavy trucks” such as Barry Prince (drum), Dub Judah (bass) and Black Steel (guitar), and this inevitably draws the crowds.

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