15 years after their first collaboration, Vibronics and Weeding Dub are back in 2020 with a brand new project : Note Fi Note / Dub Fi Dub! Watch out the 1st clip "Hard Living / Never Lie Down" feat. Nia Songbird & Madu Messenger

NOTE FI NOTE : The two international and well known producers of the Dub scene got ready in studio especially for you a serie of maxis that they will unveil throughout the year 2020. You'll hear featurings with singers such as Macka B, Nia Songbird or Madu Messenger the one official mc of Vibronics, that will join the two producers on stage to defend these new tracks!

DUB FI DUB : It's together on stage during traditional Jamaican "Dub Fi Dub" that they will present you this brand new project. Vibronics & Weeding Dub will alternately mix a track each. A musical conversation mixing new tunes from the album and some anthems productions from both sides of the Channel created these last 15 years. With the presence of Madu Messenger and sometimes other guests on the mic to live things up, we get an energetic and "conscious" cocktail, mixing the depth of Roots reggae with the energy of the most current Dubs, songs with which Vibronics & Weeding Dub get the world dancing since 20 years now.

VIBRONICS : "The Future Sound of Dub" has thrilled the world since 1995. The connection between Vibronics and France has always been strong. From the beginning, with first concerts in France in 1997, Steve Vibronics has built multiple bridges with the hexagonal Dub scene.

WEEDING DUB : Since 2004, Weeding Dub has produced, performed, recorded and done concerts in more than 25 countries around the world. It was obvious that the most English of the French Dub producers will have been the one perfect combinaison for this project.

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