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With his feet solidly grounded in reggae and its tradition, Devi Reed's eyes look definitively towards the future. Keeping up with the times, he owns his eclecticism and his desire to open up reggae to other styles, other influences, other encounters. Frontman of the band The Banyans for close to a decade, he has perfected his knowledge of reggae with two albums and hundreds of concerts across Europe. Building on this, 2016 saw the launch of his solo project with the ambition to really express his musical personality and to create music as unique as him.

To make this happen, he calls upon two talented beatmaker musicians, Otaam and Claymon, both urban music lovers from the Conservatory. They draw up the foundations for this resolutely modern music where machines and turntables blend with drums and guitars, mixing electronic and acoustic, tradition and innovation. In 2017, Devi Reed issued his first EP, Essence of Life, which laid the foundations for this new style in the form of a mini-album.

With his new album "Ragga Libre", DEVI REED offers us a new concept: mixing reggae and ragga flow, hip-hop beat and Cuban music (salsa & son). The result is an album recorded between France and Cuba, a rare freshness in the current musical landscape. The ex-lead singer of « The Banyans » band, invites several rising stars of Havana rap, for a unique result. An album both festive and conscious proving that Devi Reed is like his music, “Libre” (free, in spanish).


DEVI REED feat. EL INDIVIDUO - Move And Smile

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